Ok, you’ve visited The Secret Door and scored some awesome new crystals… now what?

The first thing you want to do after purchasing or being gifted a new crystal friend is Clear or Cleanse your stone, then you can program it with your Intentions and begin to enjoy it’s benefits. In order to cleanse your crystals safely you must know where they fall on the Mohs Hardness Scale, as crystals on the softer end of the hardness spectrum can be soluble in water or otherwise harmed with certain methods of cleansing. If you aren’t certain, always err on the side of caution and look up best practices for that material, or you can reach out The Secret Door for recommendations. Once your stones are cleansed and programmed with your Intentions you can maintain their efficacy and energetic resonance by keeping them cleansed on an as needed schedule.

Clearing or Cleansing your stones can be done a number of ways, but I will share some of the most popular methods below:

Ways to Clear and Cleanse your Crystals

Smudging, or using the herbaceous smoke from dried herbs or wood, is a wonderful way to cleanse your stones. Follow our normal Smudging Instructions but instead of using the smoke to cleanse a space or yourself, simply hold your stone in the smoke for approx. 30 seconds. We advise you to clear your stones near an open window to allow the smoke to carry any unwanted energy that was collected on them safely outdoors.

Crystals, like Clear Quartz and Selenite are popularly used to clear other stones placed in their proximity. Simply lay the crystals to be cleansed on or touching these high vibration stones to enjoy their clearing and cleansing properties.

Natural Light from the Sun or Full Moon is a powerful energy source for clearing your Crystals. To cleanse with the Full Moon, place your stones out before nightfall and retrieve them in the early morning. To cleanse with the Sun place your stones out after sunrise and retrieve them around sunset. Or, you can place your crystals out just before nightfall and retrieve them in the midmorning to take advantage of the potent energy released in the light of both the sun and the moon. Please remember not to store your Crystals in the sun long term, as this powerful source of Universal Energy can fade the color of some stones.

Water in all forms is thought to neutralize energy collected in or on the stone and return it to the Earth so it has always been one of the most preferred vehicles for clearing stones. This can be achieved by fully submersing your crystals in a natural body of water like the ocean, a river, or stream (try to avoid stagnant water) for a few hours. You can also clear your stones by placing them in a bowl with a solution of water and dissolved natural sea salt. And lastly, you can clear your crystals by simply holding them under the tap for approximately 30 seconds to a minute for each stone.

Sound or vibrational frequency can cleanse stones by bringing them into resonance. This can be achieved with the voice, singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, bells, and other instruments or vibrational frequency tools.

Visualization is one of the safest and most convenient methods for cleansing stones as all it requires is Intention and Focus. To begin, take a moment to ground yourself, then pick up your crystal and visualize your hand filling with brilliant white light. Suffuse the stone in that light, feel it absorb the light and grow brighter until it is filled and the light has effectively pushed any impurities or unwanted energy out. Continue until you feel the stone’s energy shift.

Breath or breathwork can also be an effective cleansing method. Take the stone in your dominant hand, focus on your Intention, inhale through the nostrils, bring the stone to the mouth and exhale in short powerful breaths, effectively “blowing” the collected energy off the stone.

Burial in the Earth is another popular method for clearing stones as the return to Source allows them to “reset” and reactivate their vibration. Just wrap your stones in natural fibers for protection then bury them in the ground to absorb the energy of the earth for approx. 12 hours.