What is a LIFE COACH?

As a Holistic Life Coach, it is both my job and my pleasure to encourage and support my Clients in achieving a range of professional and personal goals.

The first step in any coaching relationship is to provide clarity around whether Life Coaching is the optimal choice for your specific goals. Life Coaching is distinct from traditional therapy, giving advice, consulting, counseling, and mentoring, in that you typically hire a Coach to help you to eliminate negative or limiting belief systems and assist you in creating a workable roadmap to achieving your desired outcome.

The Secret Door employs a mix of holistic and wellness-centered practices and traditionally applied Coaching methodology to help you to embody a future vision of your most authentic Self. We will begin by analyzing your current situation, identifying any limiting beliefs or other potential challenges or obstacles you may face, and assist you to devise a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve your desired outcome. Whether you’re looking for greater career success, more enriching personal relationships, or simply want to inhabit a more fully realized version of yourself in the future, we’d love to work with you.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled one-off, as needed, or in a multi-session bundle for use over a specific time frame. We work, both, in person and virtually. Please feel free to contact us at 669-203-2585 whenever you’re ready. Your time is NOW!