Have you heard the legend of Pixiu? Pixiu is a mythical Chinese celestial animal that resembles a fierce winged lion. They are protectors of Feng Shui practitioners and are said to be able to smell gold and silver and have a voracious appetite for both. They are believed to bring their owners luck and abundance by carrying wealth in the form of gold, silver and jewels to them in their mouths. Since Pixiu are fierce creatures full of vital energy there are some Do’s and Don’ts to wearing them as talismans to attract wealth and good luck.
Do wear them on your Left (Receptive) Wrist
Don’t wear if you’re under 16 or over 70 years of age
Do wear it with the head facing away from you (So they can go out and grab wealth for you, not from you)
Don’t wear it to sleep, do not place it in your bedroom. (When not being worn store it in your living room facing the main door)
Do cleanse your Pixiu with water if it’s touched by someone other than you

Wear your Pixiu in good health, wealth and abundance!

About Citrine

Chakra: Root/ Sacral/ Solar Plexus  Element: Fire

  • Manifestation
  • Personal Will
  • Mental Clarity

Citrine possesses the powerful healing properties of the Sun, exhibiting one of the most joyful and uplifting energies of any crystal. The golden energy of Citrine promotes self-confidence, individuality, courage, and hope. Known as the “Merchant’s Stone”, Citrine magnifies ones ambitions, personal will, clarity of mind, imagination and creativity making it the perfect ally for manifesting abundance in every area of ones life. Citrine’s optimistic and playful energy has the ability to lighten dark moods and thoughts and increase physical energy and stamina making it beautifully assitive for those working through depression, poor self-esteem and low vital energy. It helps one to set and maintain emotional boundaries, and remain in the present. Citrine awakens creative energy and pushes one to imagine themselves realizing the fullness of their existence.