Are you interested in learning how to incorporate crystal energy into your everyday life? Are you curious about crystal properties and what combinations of stones have the best synergy? Would you like to learn some awesome jewelry making techniques with a group of fun and interesting people?
Then our Malas with Lala Classes are for you!
During our fun and informative Mala classes we educate clients on using crystal energy to their benefit, how to select stone pairings and combinations for optimal results and teach an easy, yet traditional, jewelry making technique they can use for a lifetime to create jewelry for themselves and others. Whether you’re taking our Mala class to create an heirloom quality accessory for yourself or to give as a gift, to start your own jewelry business or just want you to learn something new in a fun and friendly environment we invite you to join us August 13, 2022!
$111 includes class instruction and all materials necessary to create a Mala or 3 Crystal Bracelets.
*Complimentary Libations and Light Refreshments will be served.

A mala (translation: garland) is a string of 108 beads with one bead as the summit or head bead called a ‘sumeru.’ Malas are used as a tool to help the mind focus on meditation, prayer or to count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions. Although not specifically a religious accessory, malas, (see also prayer beads or rosaries) can be used in prayer, meditation, or for manifestation..”

Some place great importance on the components of which the mala is composed claiming one material is best for a certain type of devotion over another, specifically the type of crystals, pendant and/ or colors of the tassel. However, it’s not just the material of which the mala is made but the frequency of use and intentions of the person which are of ultimate importance. Malas are a hugely energetic and meaningful accessory that you can give as a gift or customize to fit your personal aesthetic.