Lapis Crystal Water Bottle

Lapis Crystal Water Bottle


For centuries, crystal elixirs have been used for their healing powers. At The Secret Door, we strive to combine the sacred knowledge of our Ancestors and the magic of modern science to create products that utilize the beauty and power of crystals for our greatest good.
We’ve selected the finest array of crystals to infuse your water with the natural vibrations of healing, love, abundance, protection, and more. All of our bottles are created using the highest quality BPA-FREE glass, and our crystals are wired into their base with stainless steel, no glues, adhesives, or anything you don’t need. Simply set your Intention, fill your bottle, and enjoy the benefits of crystal-activated water. Your time is NOW!


About Lapis Lazuli


  • Inner Vision
  • Truthful Communication
  • Royal Virtues/ Confident Leadership

Lapis Lazuli encourages confidence, leadership, and communication. Lapis Lazuli assists with self-awareness and allows for confident self-expression and adherence to personal truth. It is an excellent stone for supporting higher self qualities like honesty, compassion, and high moral fiber. It stimulates the Third Eye energies of inner vision, insight, and intuition. Lapis Lazuli supports confronting and speaking one’s truth and inspires confidence, objectivity, clarity, and creativity. Known as the stone of Royal Virtues, it was at a point reserved for royalty and notably favored by Cleopatra. Lapis Lazuli reveals one’s inner truth and allows for self-expression without holding back. It releases feelings of frustration, resentment, and anger. It is an excellent stone for those in leadership positions as it stimulates wisdom, integrity, and authenticity. Lapis Lazuli facilitates the acceptance of people and situations we cannot change, and encourages the qualities of honesty, compassion, and empathy when dealing with others.



BPA Free, Hypoallergenic, Hand Wash Only

All our products are cleansed using The Secret Door method of intention, physical/energetic tools such as crystals, smudging (smoke cleansing), and infused with Reiki.

Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in
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