AAA Quality Fire Quartz Crystal. These larger high-quality tumbled stones are ideal for a collector or for use in larger-scale Energy Grids. All stones are hand-selected by The Secret Door for quality, character, and uniqueness. The price is for one high-quality stone, stones will vary and be intuitively selected for your order.

About Fire Quartz


  • Balance
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Self Esteem

Fire Quartz combines the intense energy of Quartz, with the stabilizing properties of Hematite. It is a powerful healing stone that balances the mind, body, and spirit. It aids in emotional regulation and helps one gain a new sense of confidence and self-acceptance. The energies of Fire Quartz are said to enhance focus and concentration, making it beneficial for those with short attention spans or who have trouble seeing projects through to the end. It helps one remain grounded and balanced when feeling scattered or overwhelmed.