The Crystal Cluster Ring is a Showstopper! A literal powerhouse of energy, be prepared for stares because this ring ROCKS! Comprised of a cluster of points, the energy of this ring is multifaceted, multi-directional and magnificent! Available in Gold and Titanium finishes.

Clear Quartz

Chakra: All 

Element: Storm


  • Programmability
  • Amplification of Intention
  • Clearing and Cleansing

 Clear Quartz is a powerful “Master Crystal” that amplifies ambient energy, magnifies the energies of other crystals and can be programmed with your intention. It can help one to concentrate, focus and find clarity of thought while opening the mind to higher guidance. Clear Quartz uses Divine Light to stimulate and clear the Chakras of debris, blockages and stagnant energy. It is emotionally neutral but will amplify any emotional energy it comes into resonance with so make sure your Intentions are clear before engaging with this powerful ally. Due to the “absorptive” quality connected to Clear Quartz programmability it is recommended that you frequently cleanse this stone to clear any collected energy. For all these reasons, this ubiquitous stone is a great tool for Light Workers or anyone wanting to connect to Light energy for clarity and enhanced communication with Guides and the energetic world.