Rare Blue Super Full Moon

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Rare Blue Supermoon in Pisces
August 30, 2023
This rare Blue SuperMoon will unleash intensely amplified lunar energy, so prepare for heightened intuition and access to deep emotion. Named for its rare occurrence, a Blue Moon happens when there are 2 full moons in a calendar month, and making this one even rarer a Blue Super Moon, won’t occur again until 2037! Make sure you take advantage of this amazing lunar event! The Blue Supermoon is in Pisces
Use this time to evaluate your progress, reevaluate your priorities, and make any necessary changes in preparation for what lies ahead. Embrace the transformative energy that this full moon offers and use it as an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Engage in activities that promote relaxation and inner peace, such as prayer, yoga, meditation, journaling, or engaging with creative outlets. Surround yourself with positive energy and supportive people who can provide guidance if needed.
Full Moon Practices:
•Set Crystals Out
•Make Moon Water
•Practice Self Care
•Dance/ Yoga/ Healing Movement
•Pray/ Meditate
•Create Something
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