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8/8/23 Lion’s Gate Portal
Hey Stoners, it’s that time again! The Lion’s Gate Portal opens yearly and is at its most potent on 8/8. The cross-section of astrological alignment and numerology creates a perfect energetic environment to MANIFEST! Although I am not an astrologist, I study anything that can assist us in achieving our highest good and I love sharing this information with all of you.
The Lion’s Gate Portal occurs when the Star Sirius, Earth (specifically the coordinates at the Great Pyramids at Giza), and the Orion constellation are all aligned in the sky. It gets its name, The Lion’s Gate because it occurs during Leo season. ♌️
There are other reasons that make this a potent day for Manifestation. This portal began to open back on July 28th/ with the New Moon in Leo as Leo and Sirius are both aligned with the fiery energies of the Sun and solar (soular) energy is especially indicated for manifestation because it represents the Fire Element.
The date 8/8 is also significant because in numerology the number 8 represents infinity, karma, and magic. 8 is also associated to the Divine Feminine as a symbol for the vagina or “Door” through which new life enters the world and the Chinese regard the number 8 as a very auspicious/ lucky number calling it Ba akin to the word Fa for fortune.
Those of you that signed up for The Secret Door Stoner Society Newsletter already know that the Crystals we suggested for August; Carnelian, Citrine, Pyrite, Peridot (Birthstone), and Sunstone are primarily “fire and vitality” stones, so it’s a great time to use them in your meditations, place them in the active areas of your environment or to create a Manifestation Grid. If you’ve been thinking about journaling or goal setting this is a great time to write your thoughts and goals out to take advantage of these potent energies aligning and providing the backdrop for you to MANIFEST the life of your dreams!
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