Pocket Full of Stones… NOT just a song by UGK

It’s 2020 and more people than ever are becoming open to using crystals to enhance their well-being. Due to the proliferation of interest there can be a bit of a learning curve to know from whom and where to glean credible information. I don’t pretend to be an expert, because I too have just within the last 7 years become a true “Stoner” enamored of the power held within these beautiful crystals, stones and minerals, but I am happy to share whatever I learn as I go along.

The amazing crystals we all carry and work with today are gifts from the Earth and the Heavens infused with thousands and sometimes millions of years of the Earth’s history or literally dropped from the sky as meteorites and are granted a healing energy that can assist in any mindful practice. Due to the unique individual natures of humans, a crystal practice that works for one person won’t necessarily work universally. However, the beauty of our individuality is that there are countless ways for each of us to work with these amazing stones. One of the most ubiquitous ways to use crystals is by carrying them on your person in the form of pocket or worry stones.

Pocket stones can be raw or tumbled to remove sharp edges and polished to a smooth sheen. They are called pocket stones due to the propensity of users to carry them in their pockets, but they can also be carried in pouches around the neck, tossed into a purse or thrown in you backpack. Nicknamed pocket tranquilizers, worry stones come in a variety of types of stones from river rocks to semi-precious gemstones. Some are carved into shapes like disks or hearts or inscribed with mantras (some believe the words help heighten the calming effect of the stone), while still others are formed naturally from the movements of the earth or the oceans. Since worry stones are most often natural stone (but not always so be careful), people often choose those with a specific or intended purpose. For example, many claim that worry stones made from black onyx can absorb negative energy or that clear quartz worry stones will help you become clear minded and help with making important decisions, or that amethyst is great support for those battling alcoholism or other addictive behaviors, these examples are just a few of the many energies you can incorporate into your life by carrying stones and crystals.

However you choose to use crystals we, at The Secret Door, feel it is important that the stones you use are as ethically sourced and clear of negative energies as possible. To that end, we make it a regular practice to smudge the entire inventory upon arrival in the store and at regular intervals once they are on display. I also travel directly to shows to hand select each and every stone we sell, I strive to choose the most energetically active pieces I can find with the constant mindset of only buying pieces I would want to use personally. If you are looking for something we don’t carry PLEASE ASK, it may be something we aren’t yet educated about or that we couldn’t source responsibly, but we are always on the lookout for unique and powerful pieces. We, especially, want to stay abreast of what stones our clients and supporters are in search of for their personal collections. When we travel to buy our stones and crystals at the International Gem Shows or directly from the importers warehouses, we are creating relationships with trusted sources, learning from industry veterans and engaging directly with the mine owners who control the extraction process from start to finish so we can be sure that we are only offering our clients the highest vibration pieces available. Throughout the course of starting The Secret Door, many people requested the ability to order our stones online and I always balked at online selling as a means to procure stones because I feel that you should choose the stones that call to you personally in order to establish a “connection”. That said, there are more people utilizing online ordering to obtain crystals than I care to admit so as much as I avoid e-commerce for obtaining my own inventory, I want to be sure that we always provide high quality pieces in the burgeoning online webstore we are FINALLY creating at www.thesecretdoormh.com.

We often get questions about how you should use Crystals, so for your convenience we’ve compiled a list of uses for pocket and worry stones.

1. Hold a crystal during meditation.

One of the simplest ways to connect with crystals is through meditation. Start by holding your crystal in one or both hands as you close your eyes and focus on your breath. You may feel your body sinking deeper into the earth, creating a grounding effect. You may feel a lightness surround you. Or you may not feel anything right away. Sometimes certain crystals don’t resonate, and other times they make the hairs on your skin stand up. Each crystal will feel different, so be patient and keep experimenting.


2. Create a crystal grid.

Arranging a group of crystals into a sacred geometrical grid is thought to help magnify their power. We will be offering some online and in-store Crystal courses and we will provide some basic patterns and instructions on how to create your own grids.

3. Add crystals to your altar.

Adding crystals to your at-home altar or spiritual spaces will give it a beautiful boost of earth energy. A crystal point with one sharp edge can also help magnify the intentions you set in your space. Simply placing some crystals on top of a piece of paper with your intention written on it could be a talisman of good luck.


4. Carry a crystal with you throughout your day.

The more contact you have with a crystal, the more aware you’ll be of its energy. I recommend carrying a crystal with you in your pocket or purse and pulling it out whenever you need to center yourself or bring your attention back to the intention you’re working toward.

5. Place crystals on your body.

Putting crystals on your body has a completely different effect than simply holding them. If you’re working on healing a specific chakra, pick a stone that corresponds to that chakra and place it where that chakra lives in the body. This serves to stir the energy around that chakra and bring up the emotions that you need to heal. For example, you could use smoky quartz to ground yourself to your root chakra or place an aventurine over your heart to open your heart chakra to giving and receiving love. You can place a clear quartz crystal above your head to open your crown chakra for enlightenment and guidance. Keeping a stone over your third eye chakra during this process can help you enter a deeper state of meditation. I employ this technique in my Crystal Reiki sessions and my clients are often surprised by how much their energy shifts with their addition.

6. Use crystals during your yoga practice.

Keeping crystals on your mat helps create a tranquil space for you to practice. You can even place crystals on your body during savasana to encourage a deeper state of meditation.

7. Bring positive energy to your décor.

Crystals have long been a crucial component of yoga and meditation studios, but recently they’ve popped up in several home décor magazines too. And for good reason! Larger crystals, though pricey, make for jaw-dropping statement pieces that work to shift the energy of a space. If you’re not willing to shell out for a larger stone, clusters of small crystals can also bring a sense of ease to every room in your home. See our post about Environmental Crystals for a list of stone recommendations and placement suggestions.

8. Incorporate crystals into your self-care routine.

Crystals can infuse many self-care routines with their properties. For a DIY spa treatment, bring your crystals into the bath with you or let them soak in the water you use to wash your face. Just be sure to check where they fall on the gem hardness scale first to ensure that they are water safe and good for direct contact uses.

As always, we hope you enjoy incorporating your stones into all aspects of your life and we are always available for questions or just to chat about our newest love and current obsession.