Orgonite Pyramid

An Orgonite or orgone generator is a powerful spiritual tool for gathering and storing “orgone” energy. Orgone or vital life force energy is also known as Prana, Ki, or Chi and was originally discovered in the human body and later observed to exist freeform in the atmosphere in the 1930’s by the scientist, Wilhelm Reich. Orgone energy can be generated organically by pure expressions of love such as orgasm, hence the name. Orgone energy is incredibly effective for healing especially to a person in a low energy or low vibration space because it is attracted to large amounts of orgone energy, unlike heat or electricity, which always shows a direction from higher to lower, orgone energy flows from lower potential to higher. Therefore, you can benefit from an Orgonite simply by holding it or placing it in your environment, as negative energy will dissipate from your magnetic field creating a more balanced and healthy energetic state.

Orgonites such as this pyramid, consist of organic material in the form of natural crystals and metal (most commonly copper) encapsulated in resin to amplify and concentrate orgone energy. The vital energy collected, contained and generated by orgonites can be used to enhance your life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Try meditating or focusing your energetic intention with the help of an Orgonite to use directed orgone energy towards personal healing and spiritual awakening.