How to use Pendulums

How to Use Pendulums

A pendulum is a spiritual tool used for Dowsing, or seeking invisible energies. It can be used to connect to high vibrationally resonant energies and/or to locate energetic blockages. They can also be wonderful tools for divination when properly attuned to the practitioner.
Directions for use:
  • Clear the pendulum with water, smudging, setting intention or your preferred method to clear spiritual objects of gathered energies
  • Remember to set your Intentions for each session. This can be done by verbally affirming your intention to receive truthful answers in service to the highest good of all.
  • Pendulums swing in vertical or horizontal lines, up and down or in circular movements.

Once a practitioner asks the pendulum to assign a “response” to the directional swing, for example: “Show me Yes, Show me No, Show me Maybe” then you may proceed in asking clear, direct yes or no questions that can be answered with a positive, negative or neutral response. Be prepared to ask numerous questions to receive enough information for a fully coherent overview of the situation. Use you intuition and keep a notebook nearby to record the responses that seem deeply resonant. Happy Dowsing!