Hey Stoners,

Have you been feeling out of sorts, distracted or mentally foggy, sleepless or lethargic? Well, along with all the residual energy from the Grand Conjunction and the shift from the Age of Earth to the Age of Air we can thank Mercury Retrograde for this new infusion of confused energy.

Retrograde occurs when planets in our solar system APPEAR to slow to a stop then move in reverse directions. I say appear because while they have the illusion of doing so they are not actually reversing, that would be against the laws of physics. It just appears that planets are moving in reverse from our vantage point here on Earth. While every planet does Retrograde, today we are going to concentrate on Mercury and what that means in our everyday lives. Mercury retrogrades occur 3-4 times a year and last approximately 3 weeks each time. Since Mercury’s retrogrades occur more frequently than say Mars which retrogrades every two years most of our attention goes to it’s affect on our physical and energetic world.

When Mercury is in retrograde we can expect to experience any number of scenarios from physical ailment, to communication breakdown and technology malfunction. Retrograde gives rise to reflective energies and returns to things we’ve left undone. It is a time for reflection and resolution, and we may experience the need to slow our pace and press “pause” while we take stock of our current condition. It’s a great time to shed dead weight, finish projects that are close to completion and deal with situations we have left open ended. Retrograde is also a time to revisit issues from our pasts, so don’t be surprised if an ex pops up wanting to talk or a problem you thought was resolved reappears. Retrogrades are connected to karmic events so you’ll often find the Universe offering you opportunities to course correct.

Physically, Mercury Retrograde can affect everything from communication, time, and technology to your central nervous system, circadian rhythms, and mental clarity. This is NOT the time to sign contracts, make large purchases, or long term life decisions. This is a time to chill, take a moment to reflect, and take greater care of ourselves. I know this all sounds full of doom and gloom but don’t be overly alarmed, Retrograde is a normal occurrence we’ve all survived many times, I just want you to be armed with this information because there is power in awareness. Remaining MINDFUL during Retrograde can save you a lot of heartache and frustration. There are also tons of tools and techniques you can use to combat the ill effects of any retrograde.

Below I’ve compiled some suggestions and general Do’s and Don’t to help you survive the first Mercury Retrograde of 2021:


Put too much pressure on yourself, things sometimes go awry, you’ll live and things WILL get back to normal