Uruguay is the origin of some of the world’s most powerful and beautiful Amethyst specimens, highly coveted for its depth of purple “grape jelly” like color and high vibrational frequency. Uruguay Amethyst is wonderful for enhancing the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra Energies, activating the Higher Self, and fostering a connection to the Divine, Spiritual Protection and Purification and Releasing Addictive Behaviors. Amethyst is also assistive in releasing addictive behaviors and negative addictions, the ancient Greeks thought it would prevent intoxication and used it as a curative after overindulgence. This amazing piece is also infused with the additional properties of its Calcite inclusion. Calcite is known as an amplifier, it’s energetic frequencies include Consciousness Expansion, Ascension, and Access to Higher Knowledge. Together these potent crystal energies combine to create a beautiful and powerful piece that will enhance any environment.