2020 has done more in 4 months than most of us do in years toward clearing our “vision”. It has revealed the Truth of what is and is not real, what matters and what does not, and what is at the root of our continued existence. It has reduced the amount of white noise, busywork and flotsam and jetsam we think we NEED down to food, clothing (if you call wearing pajamas 90% of the time clothing) and shelter. It has exposed the falsity of our personal vanity and made clear what relationships we should pour into by drawing a clearly delineated line between those we miss terribly and those we don’t miss at all and given us nothing but TIME and our own THOUGHTS to redefine who and what we are and will become post the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The TRUTH is that we have all been placed in the same circumstance, at the same time, no matter our ethnicity, political affiliation or socio-economic strata… we’re all in the infernal search for toilet paper. 

This crisis has redefined what is ESSENTIAL and I can’t wait to see what seismic shifts take place when this newly birthed collective energy emerges from its forced cocoon and spreads it’s wings!