Self Care is relatively new terminology but the concept of taking care of oneself is age old. All living beings require care, and some of us strive to ensure that we are INTENTIONAL about taking care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. In the past, self care could be as elaborate as a month long spiritual retreat or as routine as weekly salon and spa treatments. However, with the onslaught of COVID-19 self care has now taken on an even greater meaning. Attending to your mental and spiritual as well as physical health has gone beyond a treat to the literal difference between life and death.

Physically, this is a wonderful time to work on your beauty, health and fitness goals. With the likely increase in home cooking, you’ll have the chance to try your hand at some of those recipes you’ve put off ‘til later because they require more prep time or additional baking or time to simmer. Due to the shortages and breakdowns in the supply chain, it’s no wonder lots of us have decided to try our hand at gardening, a fantastic way to control what and how you eat and ensure that your food is handled with the utmost care. The inability to make our regular trips to the salon or spa, means at home routines for beauty have also moved into the self care realm (see my facial roller routine for an at home treatment that rivals any spa). Another great thing to do is forego the ratty pjs you’ve been living in for months and put on your spring best, because even if you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, looking good helps with feeling good. Most important for our physical health, is movement. When you’re furloughed or working from home it is very easy to find yourself going days in the comfort of your home and while there is no place like home it is also important for our health that we see and interact with others and experience time in nature. Try to liven up your routine with a daily walk in the fresh air and sunshine of spring. Vitamin D is a wonderful assistant in strengthening your immune system and time outside is necessary, especially now when we’re confined to our homes due to the shelter in place. Explore your neighborhood, walk a nearby trail or even take a longer hike… while utilizing responsible social distance protocols of course.

Mentally, this is the perfect time to work on those million dollar ideas! Suss out the details of your next career move, write a business plan or expand your investment portfolio. You can also lend yourself to artistic or cerebral pursuits, like studying a language, learning to play an instrument, crafting or creating art or reading the new book you’ve been meaning to get to since Christmas. Whatever you do, whether you are working or furloughed, don’t let your mind lay fallow. This is a very fortuitous time, there will be some seismic shifts taking place for the rest of 2020, you want to be mentally prepared for whatever comes next, and it doesn’t hurt to add some new skills to your repertoire with the increase in idle time.

Spiritually, I pray you all will grow stronger and more grounded in your core beliefs. Having something to believe in is a great comfort in times of stress. What you choose to believe in is personal and everyone’s answers will vary but I find that having a rich spiritual life is beneficial in myriad ways. My faith has always carried me through tough times and I have personally utilized the closure of my business to grow deeper in my Reiki practice as well as hone my intuition. You can use this time to deepen your meditative practice, try yoga, read your holy books, or deepen your relationship to your spirituality.  Whatever you choose, you will reap benefit from as long as it serves a positive purpose in your life. Self care has evolved to encompass so many facets of our lives, but as always in all that you do the main goal is to become the best version of YOU.