HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022! The Secret Door wants to wish you all a happy, healthy, wealthy and wise New Year so to facilitate that we thought we’d suggest using some Selenite to start your year off with a clean energetic slate!

Selenite, Satin Spar and Alabaster are part of the Gypsum family of minerals. The majority of Selenite we see in circulation is actually Satin Spar, as Selenite is transparent when fresh from extraction and Satin Spar has more opacity. However, their energies are so similar that the names are used interchangeably. There are many Selenite color varieties including the translucent, white and peach colors we carry at The Secret Door.

Selenite is associated with simplicity, innocence, intuition and beauty. Its name is undoubtedly derived from Selene, a Greek divine figure, also known as the moon goddess, as many of its essences revolve around the spirituality of the moon. Like the moon, Selenite serves as a beacon of light when in darkness. Selenite is an incredible energy conductor, just like the moon. While the moon acquires its light from the sun, unlike many stones that are cleansed and charged in moonlight, Selenite cleanses itself and is moon like in its ability to transmute a tremendous amount of power making it capable of energizing other objects and gemstones.

Also, much like the moon one cannot overlook Selenites Divine Feminine qualities. Selenite is soft, silky, and delicate, but make no mistake about it’s power; Selenite is as resilient as a femme fatale. a fierce protwctor, it blocks negative energies and impurities from penetrating the human body. The most evident physical benefits are better metabolism, fluid blood circulation, stable blood pressure, enhanced eyesight, and many more.

Emotionally; Redemption, resurrection, and remediation – are things that come to mind when talking about Selenite. Human emotions are contagious, and Selenite is a fantastic stone because of its ability to influence emotions positively. If you are an excitable person or you get carried away quickly, Selenite can help to create calm and balance. Selenite also affects other people’s feelings. It has a relaxing aura that gets transmitted to its surroundings. Hence, people around its bearer tend to be calmer and happier, which is helpful because conflicts usually happen when tempers flare and emotions are high. If you want to conquer your emotional challenges in the New Year, get yourself some Selenite.


The mind controls everything the body does, except involuntary actions. Selenite gives its bearer a healthy mind by increasing energy flow, especially around the brain area. As a result, the mind is more productive, creative and clear. Selenite also prevents the mind from dwelling on the missteps of yesterday. As humans, we tend to think about the past in a way that can hinder our future. In some cases, regrets can lead to anxiety, depression, and allow low vibration energies to sap our focus. Selenite helps clear the mind to focus on the present and live in the moment.


As I mentioned earlier, Selenite clears impurities from the human body. Making it a potent choice for the New Year’s weight loss and detox resolutions. Contained within Selenite are different therapeutic energy waves that are believed to slowly help the body excrete toxins. It is also wonderful for transmuting and releasing negative habits. One of its most widely touted physical abilities is its healing effect on the human spine. Selenite releases a soothing energy wave that helps align the backbone so you can walk into the New Year with your back straight and your head held high.


Crystal lovers everywhere refer to Selenite as a spiritual stone for transmutation. It is believed to possess a substantial spiritual capacity, for clearing, cleansing and healing the energies of people or objects in its proximity. Selenite is also used to ward off negative attachments or hostile energies. Making it ideal for ridding yourself of old patterns, behaviors and energies that no longer serve you and creating an energetically clear environment in preparation for a New Year full of positive changes.

Peace and Blessings for an abundant New Year from all of us at The Secret Door!

“Smoke offerings are an age-old practice used in many traditions but most frequently attributed to the Native Tribes of North America”

Smudging is a beautiful intentional practice that invites positive energy into any environment, as the smoke ascends, our wishes and intentions rise into the universe, connecting heaven, earth, and humanity

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