Tiger Eye


Tiger Eye


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AAA Quality Tiger Eye. These larger high-quality stones are ideal for a collector or for use in larger-scale Energy Grids. All stones are hand-selected by The Secret Door for quality, character, and uniqueness. The price is for one high-quality stone, stones will vary and be intuitively selected for your order.

About Tiger Eye:


  • Discernment
  • Strength
  • Fairness

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone of both grounding and energizing vibrations. A wonderful tool for balance, employ Tiger Eye when trying to create harmony, between apparent opposites, especially when the differences are ideological, religious, or generational. Tiger Eye stimulates and enhances focus and willpower while assisting one in finding the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take action to achieve their goals. Tiger Eye can help one feel self-empowered and reduce the need for external approval. It gives one confidence in their own abilities and the strength to remain steadfast through adversity.

11 in stock


All our products are cleansed using The Secret Door method of intention, physical/energetic tools such as crystals, smoke cleansing, and infused with Reiki.


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