The Blue Kyanite Crystal Cocktail Ring showcases the rare beauty of these specimens with the powerful presence of a single but significantly sized wire wrapped stone.  This ring is fully adjustable and available in Gold and Titanium finishes.

About Blue Kyanite

 Chakra: All, especially Third Eye, Heart/ Throat

Element: Water/Wind


  • Inner Bridges
  • Psychic Ability
  • Connection to the Natural World

 Blue Kyanite is a very high vibration mineral that excels at protecting one’s auric field from intrusion, bridging energetic and physical gaps and creating transfers of energy. Due to it’s ability to align and restore the energy balance in all the chakras it is a wonderful Healer’s tool. It opens psychic channels and activates the mind, enhancing ones ability to “download” and process psychic information. Use Kyanite to link the physical and energetic body, stimulate the process of lucid dreaming, and increase psychic and telepathic abilities. It is a great stone for Practioners as it supports the healers efforts and grounds spiritual energy. Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra and encourages self-expression. It removes fears and self- doubt, helping one speak their truth. As it does not absorb negativity, it is one of the very few stones that does not require cleansing.