Singing bowls are a type of idiophone, a musical instrument that when struck, shaken or scraped, produces sound through vibration. Similar to bells singing bowls of smaller size produce more delicate sounds, while the larger bowls produce deeper, more full-bodied sounds.

Singing bowls produce beautiful sonic healing frequencies that connect to your central nervous system and can rapidly shift you into brainwave states associated with calm, deep rest and healing.

In addition to their use as a musical instrument, singing bowls are wonderful tools for meditation, relaxation, sound clearing, digital detox, and work synergistically with other healing energetic practices. Use your bowl to quiet mental chatter, start or end your meditations with a focused and clear mind, promote feelings of peace and calm, release stress and even soothe physical ailments.

Try changing the tone of your bowl by adding a small amount of water and watch the beauty of the vibratory frequencies transform into sacred geometry… proving that WE are ONE with the Universe.

Wooden Striker and Pouf included.