Chakra Piller Candles 100% Pure Essential Oils. Choose a peaceful space, set aside for prayer and meditation. Present the candle. Breathe fully and deeply. Feel the infinite blessing power of the Divine. Picture the changes you are contemplating with great faith and love. Light the candle. Sit quietly for a while, holding the image of accomplished change, then release it all to the Divine.

  • Happiness (Sahasrara) – Patchouli, Labdarium & Frankincense
  • Abundance (Ajna) –  Lavender, Fur & Chamomile
  • Positive Energy (Visuddha) – Morrocan Rose & Chamomile
  • Healing (Anahata) – Lavandin, Orange & Tangerine
  • Protection (Manipura) – Bergmot, Lime & Grapefruit
  • Love (Svadhishthana) – Cedar, Spruce & Rosemary
  • Money (Muladhara) – Cassia, Clove & Nutmeg