Smudging Materials:
Fire Element: Matches or Lit Candle
Earth Element: Smudge
Air Element: Feather (optional)
Water Element: Abalone Shell (Or Fireproof Receptacle)

Smudging is an age old practice used by many cultures, namely the Native American Indigenous Tribes of North America of using smoke to purify the body, aura, personal objects and environment, as well as prepare for ceremonies or spiritual work. Smudging is done using potent and sacred plant medicine meant for healing, centering, balance and to remove negative energy.

To begin, light the tip of your smudge with matches or a candle (lighters are not advised because of the chemical accelerant).
Once your smudge is lit, you may encourage the flame by directly waving the smudge in the air, or waving the bundle with your hand or a feather but it is not advised to blow it as it is believed that you could blow negativity onto the smudge or blow away its effectiveness.
Once the flame dies down and the plant is smoldering you may bathe whatever is meant to be cleansed in its purifying smoke. To cleanse a person or object allow the smoke to waft over and around the body or hold the object directly in the smoke. To cleanse a space, place the smudge bundle over your shell or fireproof receptacle to catch any falling embers and use your feather or hand to direct its smoke into the outer perimeter of the space to be cleansed, tracing windows, doors or other portals.
You may speak affirmations, prayers or any words that feel appropriate as you smudge. As with all things please use your Intuition as your guide.
Remember that smudging is meant to be cleansing to your body and environment so do not allow your space or lungs to become overfilled with smoke. Once you are done smudging, open the doors and windows to allow the purifying smoke to carry away any unwanted energies.
Once finished you may place your smudge into your fireproof container and allow it to go out on its own. To extinguish your smudge, tap the end into your container until it is burned out or keep a bit of sand, salt or soil in the dish to snuff it out and keep your dish from becoming hot. (Do not leave Smudging Materials unattended!)
Please, take caution with smudge during pregnancy or where people or pets may be allergic. Peace and Blessings!