Don’t forget to charge your Crystals in tonight’s full Harvest Moon!

This is the first of October 2020’s 2 full moons! This moon is in Aries which rules relationships, so be prepared for some volatile energy that can manifest as issues and conflicts or relationships could come back together in some way.

Adding to the energy: The full moon takes place in Libra season so it’s all about exploring balance, finding that sweet spot between being assertive and compromising and that spot might not be easy to find right now. Be aware of this struggle in your romantic and platonic relationships and take the initiative to be intentional in your communication, making an effort to be fair and calm about your wants and needs. It’s also a great time for healing old hurts and righting wrongs in preparation to reap the abundant harvest from the fruits of all your efforts.

You may also be feeling a bit restless, as we’ve all been in an enforced stasis but HOLD ON, your patience and stillness will be rewarded. Although this can be an emotional time, it can also lead to tremendous self-improvement. The struggles of these past few months have introduced you to a deep well of reserve that you now know you can tap into in future times of uncertainty.

All in all, the HARVEST moon is about preparation, we have ALL been prepared for what comes next, so it’s time to move forward!