The Secret Door would like to invite you to join us for Foundations, a series of high touch explorations of energetic and spiritual themes and practices aimed at helping you embody your Highest Self.

We will begin our journey with Crystals, a brief overview of mankind’s history with the physical and energetic properties of these gifts from the Earth.

Followed by Chakras, an examination of our personal physical and spiritual energies and how we can access them for our greatest good.
Next, we will explore Breath Work, at once the most basic and powerful of all human functions.
In our Meditation course, you will learn how to empty or fill your mind with thoughts, mantras, and affirmations meant to elevate your vibration.
Physical Practices will examine how physical movements such as yoga, tai chi and mindful exercise can heal your body and open your higher consciousness.
Energy Work will find us learning how modalities like Reiki, Acupuncture, Reflexology and the like are used to heal and balance the systems of energy throughout the body, mind and spirit.
Manifestation will teach how to bring all the elements of the mind, body and spirit to bear in the transmutation of thought to physical realization. It will culminate all elements of the series into accessible and usable tools to design your life on your own terms!