Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? With the continuing uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, economic challenges and the normal seasonal angst of family gatherings and gift giving this time of year can be difficult under the best of circumstances but 2020 is proving to be especially challenging.
Black Obsidian is a wonderful choice for grounding and clearing negative energies from oneself and one’s environment. It carries great protective energy, connecting to the Root Chakra to engender feelings of safety, security, calm and peace.
Recently popularized on the show Game of Thrones as the magical and powerful Dragon Glass, Black Obsidian has been a highly prized material since time immemorial used for everything from blades, cutting tools and arrowheads, to mirrors and decorative artifacts.

Grab some Black Obsidian for your altar space, wear it as protective energetic jewelry, hold worry stones during meditation, or place them on your body to open and activate the Root Chakra. However you use it, Black Obsidian is a wonderful addition to your crystal collection.

Peace and Blessings,
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