Why did my Crystal break/disappear?

As is industry standard for MOST Crystal/ Metaphysical stores (I say most because that’s what you do when you don’t want any smoke 💨) all sales at The Secret Door are final and we do not accept returns or exchanges. We have messaging in the store, before checkout, to that effect and for the most part our Clients are Crystal enthusiasts who fully understand that policy. Lately, we’ve had a few customers break items and not understand why we can’t replace or refund them. To put it simply, we’re not Target or Costco, we are a small, family run business and can’t support the policies of their business models because we don’t sell the volume or type of products those stores sell.

Now, that we’ve addressed that unpleasantness, let’s talk about why a Crystal might break or disappear. With this blog, I want to highlight a few of the most common reasons, as well as make some suggestions on what to do when or if it happens.

The first reason your Crystals might break is the most obvious, they are VERY delicate and due to their nature even a light tap at the wrong angle or dropping them, even if you’ve done it 100 times before without incident (hello fellow clumsy’s 🙋🏾‍♀️) can cause them to chip or even worse shatter in a million pieces. Boy, have I got stories… and doesn’t it ALWAYS seem to happen to your faves, the prettiest or most expensive pieces?! 😩
Which leads me to the second reason Crystals can break… OVERLOAD! Generally, you should be clearing your stones based on the frequency and purpose of use. If you are working with or wearing your Crystals when you’re elevated or experiencing big shifts in energy you MUST be mindful of cleansing/ clearing them more frequently. You also want to make sure you are clearing and storing them properly when you’re not utilizing them so they’re ready to go when you need them and not full of gross, ugly cry energy from your last Mercury Retrograde regression… oh just me? Well, I digress…

The third reason a Crystal might break or become damaged is their specific crystalline structure. These natural treasures are formed under extreme conditions and sometimes can contain internal fissures or cracks that you might not see but can be exacerbated during processing or carving, shipment, normal wear or even by exposure to heat, light or sudden shifts in temperature creating a fracture point. To look for hardier Crystal varieties check their score on the MOHS hardness scale. We know materials like Black Tourmaline or Selenite, both 3’s on the hardness scale are quite delicate and others like Quartz or Amethyst are 7’s making them much stronger. However, some stones like Amethyst can also lose/ leach color from light exposure so there’s that. Lol

Finally, the last and maybe loveliest reason a Crystal might break is protection. We, at The Secret Door, are true Stoners and as die hard Crystal enthusiasts we live by the idiom, “Crystals break so we don’t”. When a Crystal breaks while in service to you we recommend that you show your gratitude by thanking it and then either burying it to return it to Mother Earth or if possible repurposing it, as we can still find great beauty in broken things;
or calling to gift it to someone else. With me it’s usually my Daughter, lol, even when… no especially when I have a Gollum-like obsession with said item.
Now to address why Crystals disappear or as we like to say ghost us and take a vacay to the Land of Lost Crystals. Lol Typically, this happens when there is a lack of resonance, meaning you’re subconsciously misplacing or rejecting the crystal because it’s not what you need at this time. It could also be that the crystal’s frequency is disharmonious with your own energy, or anathema to your spirit, so it’s repelled from you. It’s not fun to lose anything, especially something you love or feel you need, but instead of feeling upset maybe take a moment to see if there’s a healing or divine message that you need to receive? To tap into that messaging, it helps to know the properties or energy of your crystals. For example: you keep losing Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a crystal of love, self-love, acceptance, compassion, friendship, genuineness, kindness, and relationships. It could be a sign that you have heart-healing work to do. That same principle works if you keep losing a crystal that has protective properties, it could be that you need grounding, have a parasitic energy attachment that needs to be cleared, or that you’re on the receiving end of someone’s bad intentions. One of the most resonant reasons you lose a Crystal is that you no longer needed it. Maybe at a point, it was meant for you but now that it’s served its purpose, it’s simply moved on. This has certainly happened to me. I’ve had beloved pieces that I wore or worked with frequently and then just lost it one day, I knew deep down it was because I’d finally healed what I needed to, and could move on. One of the hardest things to accept when we lose a Crystal is that it’s just not for you at this time. Sometimes we’re just not ready for a crystal’s medicine, yet, and as a result we lose or misplace it. Crystal energy can be overwhelming, throw us out of balance, or cause traumatic memories to surface that we’re not ready to handle. If you keep losing a crystal, it just may not be what you need at this time. Finally, and while this is not exactly “losing” a Crystal THIS is in my personal experience the most frequent way I have Crystals depart my service… and that’s because someone else needed it. Have you ever been compelled to give one of your Cystals away? I have, and it happens most frequently with family, friends or clients… don’t stress. It’s a beautiful energetic exchange, and it’s just that the crystal found its way to them through you. This may explain why a crystal comes into our keeping, maybe only for a short time, and then we feel a strong urg

All in all, we should remember that Crystals are earth born, natural, free and “living” in our care for only a short time. They were forming well before we were born and with luck will be here far after we’ve all returned to the Earth… perhaps to be reborn in Crystal form. Peace and Blessings!